Laminated Glass Production Line, Glass Laminating Machine

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Laminated Glass Production Lines

Production line by Glass cleaning and dryer, Plate positioning conveyor, PVB film machine, Cut-type suction cup hanger, Transition conveyor, Prepress composition.

TPU/SGP/EVA Glass Laminating Machine

TPU/SGP/EVA laminated glass machine is one kind of glass laminating equipment no need autoclave system. It can be used to adopt EVA/TPU(NEW PVB)/SGP film to produce various kinds of laminated glass in one step, such as tempered laminated glass, bending laminated glass, bulletproof laminated glass, decorative laminated glass, LED/ switchable laminated glass, etc.

EastGlaz - Glass Machinery

Laminated Glass Production Line with sophisticated machines and sophisticated lamination technology, consists of semi-automatic loading table, glass washing and drying machine, film positioning conveyor, walking suction cup hanger, electric pvb film rack, transition conveying table, pre-pressing preheating machine, infrared autoclave, gas storage tank , air compressor (including refrigerated dryer, three-stage filter) and other components. East Glass Machine Laminated Glass Production Line has reasonable layout and low power consumption, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Easy to operate and maintain, this machinery series offers a cost-effective investment in laminated glass automation. PLC+touch screen is used to automatically control the operation. The whole line is about 45 meters long.


Laminated Glass Production Line is clearly aimed at industrial applications and has a correspondingly modular design. This applies to both the maximum glass sizes and the available options. Laminated Glass Production Line is designed for all glass processors who specialise in high-quality processing in interior areas, as well as for roofing, railings and multi-layered laminates. Laminated Glass Production Line is also superbly well suited for facade units.

  • •  Fully automated laminated glass production
  • •  Low-E laminated glass productio
  • •  High quality laminated glass production for bulletproof glass and safety glass