Glass Sucker and Lifter, Glass Suction Lifter

Glass Sucker and Lifter can Used for Transfer Glass And Loading Or Downloading Glass.
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Glass Cantilever Crane

Glass Cantilever Crane does not use electricity and is safe and reliable, and easy to operate..

5 Axis Robot, Five-axis Transverse Manipulator Lifter

It is used for glass loading and unloading on insulating glass production line, glass washing machine, edging machine or other glass machines, Adopts five-axis manipulator numerical control system.

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Operating instructions for glass vacuum spreaders lifter

1. Start-up of the vacuum lifter of the glass suction crane 

Turn on the power switch on the control box, the vacuum pump is started, and the air in the accumulator is first evacuated to ensure sufficient vacuum. When the pressure is lower than 50%, the sound and light alarm lamp will alarm until the required vacuum pressure is reached. When the pressure reaches the set pressure, the vacuum pump will automatically stop running to save power. At this time, the vacuum hoist is in a ready state. 

2. Positioning of glass suction crane 

Control the movement of the lifting equipment so that the suction cup of the suction hoist is close to the surface of the glass. At this time, the suction cup of the suction hoist is fully fitted and sealed with the glass surface; 

3. Glass adsorption 

Push the manual hand slide valve on the operating handle. At this time, the suction cup is connected to the vacuum system, and the suction hoist automatically absorbs the glass. The vacuum pressure gauge will display the vacuum degree (pressure) at this time. When the pressure gauge shows 55% vacuum degree (-0.55kg/f), it means it can be transported. This process takes about 2-3 seconds; 

4. Glass flip 

Pull out the locking shaft pin and push the suction cup holder forcefully to drive the workpiece to flip up. When it is about 90 degrees, the shaft pin automatically locks the suction cup holder. At this time, the 90-degree vertical flip of the workpiece is realized. 

5. Glass lifting/discharging handling 

Control the electric hoist to transport the plate to the unloading position; 

6. Glass release 

Pull back the manual slide valve on the operating handle to make each suction cup communicate with the atmosphere, then the vacuum pressure between the suction cup and the glass surface will disappear, and the glass will separate from the suction cup. 

7. Repeat operation 

Operate the lifting equipment to move to the next board to be transported, and repeat step 2.