Insulating Glass Machine, IGU Line, IG Glass Line

IG Glass Line, Insulating Glass Machine, Insulated Glass Production Line, Insulating Glass Processing Equipment
IG Glass Line, Insulating Glass Machine, Insulated Glass Production Line, Insulating Glass Processing Equipment

Insulated Glass Machine, IG Glass Line, Insulating Glass Production Line

IG Glass Line Meaning – Insulated Glass Machine, Insulating Glass Production Line. IG Glass Line is a kind of glass deep processing equipment, which is mainly used to process and make IG Glass (Insulated Glass).
After cutting the original glass, it enters the insulating glass production line. It mainly goes through cleaning, drying, making spacer frames, filling desiccant, and the first seal (coated with butyl rubber) , inspection, frame placement, sheet pressing, second sealing (polysulfide glue or silicone glue), and next sheet.
The insulating glass deep-processing products produced by the process are of high quality and fast processing speed.

Automatic Jumbo Size Double Gas Filling Insulating Glass Production Line

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Automatic Jumbo Size Double Gas Filling Insulating Glass Production Line

Maxmum glass size:3300*7000mm
Flat glass thickness:3-30mm
Washing brushes:6Pieces

Germany Siemens PLC control system, touch screen interface;
Automatic identification of coated and Low-E glass
3 pairs of soft brushes can wash online and offline Low-E glass
The washing machine adopts SS material and waterproof device
Water tank with automatic temperature control and water washing system
Air heating system
Air Fan automatic start and stop setting
Noise reduction system
Online display of washing speed
Intelligent intermittent work, saving energ

Main Features of Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line

Automatic Insulating glass production line has 7 sections

01 Transfer section

  • The transfer section is a loading zone conveyor that is designed to load glass sheets into the washing machine. The transfer section is equipped with Coating detection mechanism, automatic detection of offline Low-e film.

02 Glass washing and drying section

  • In order to avoid corrosion we use stainless steel where there is a contact with the water in our machine body. The inside and outside of the machine is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Using 6 pieces of soft brushes with 0.1mm soft hair, can wash low-e glass
  • Pre-washing (Optional)
  • New air knife uses aluminum profile (Duckbill Air Knife), the size of the air outlet is adjusted by the aluminum profile duck beak. This can reduce the number of adjusting screws, ensure that each screw is not loose, and avoid the resonance of the air knife.
  • The air knife can automatically adjust the width of the air knife according to the thickness
  • The operation box with washing speed display, can accurately display washing speed (8-10m)
  • Water tank automatic temperature control, water replenishing system
  • European silencer system
  • Stainless steel material

03 Discharge section

  • Storage glass

04 Inspection and installation section

  • The new structure of this section is changed to an inline beam lifting structure (double beam). It is easy to inspect and wipe the glass

05 Transfer section

  • Automatic measurement of glass thickness. It can be used according to actual needs when working.

06 Pressing and filling section

  • Automatic Gas filling can set gas value and display the process of filling online with high gas concentration(Options)

07 Discharge section

  • Storage glass
  • Can be connected to any brands of sealing robot machine
Voltage Unit 380V50Hz3P
Total power KW 54.5
Washing speed m/min 2~10
Maximum working speed m/min 45
Minimum glass size mm 450*280
Maxmum glass size mm 3300*7000 (once)
    3000*3000 (twice)
Flat glass thickness mm 3-30
Washing brushes Pieces 6
Maximum thickness of insulating glass mm 80
Total gas consumption L/min 1500
Conveyer roll height mm 520
Dimension mm 47200*3500*4500

IG Glass, IGU, IG Glass Unit, Insulating Glass Units

What is an IG Insulated Glass?

Insulating glass (IG) commonly consists of two (sometimes more) panes of glass separated by a spacer material and sealed together at the edge. The insulating airspace is filled with air or a noble gas, such as argon or krypton inside. Using argon or krypton in the air space between the two panes of glass provides further insulation, as these gases are denser than air and less likely to let heat conduct through the IGU. Combined with a low-e glass coating, these gases work to improve the window’s overall u-value, which is a measure of the heat transmission through a building part (such as a wall or window). The lower the u-value, the better the insulating glass unit. When 90% argon gas fill is used in a low-e IGU instead of air, the window’s u-value can be improved by up to 16%. Similarly, krypton improves the u-value in a low-e IGU by up to 27%. However, using a noble gas instead of air in an IGU can add both time and cost to the window’s construction.

What is an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU)?

Insulated glass is often referred to as a unit: IGU-Insulating Glass Units, since most of the parts are dependent on another for proper performance. The IGU will keep the heat in during the cold weather and will retain the heat out during the hot weather. Coatings are applied on the interior of IGUs to reflect UV light back into homes to retain warmth, or on the outside to keep sunlight from heating up a home. The IGU can give a greater value when conjunction with Low-E and reflective coated glass. Low-E glass should always be insulated with the coating to the inside (surface #2). Unlike single-pane glass, IGU glass panes are part of a sealed system that can’t be replaced individually. Insulated glass units go by different names, including: “double glazing” or “double-pane glass windows.” IGU improve thermal performance, significantly reducing heating and air conditioning costs. IG units or “double-pane” glass are usually used in residential, commercial and industrial constructions. These types of IG Units are required by building codes in many areas as mandatory energy conservation measure.

IG Glass, IGU, IG Glass Unit, Insulating Glass Units

How to Make Insulated Glass?

Insulating glass production process needs to go through multiple process steps, including glass cutting, glass cleaning, glass inspection, glass coating, insulating glass assembly, vacuum adsorption, gas injection filling and sealant curing. Every process step is very critical. Only when each step is handled well can high-quality insulating glass products be produced.

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