CNC Horizontal Automatic Glass Seaming Machine

Glass Edging/Seaming Machine
Glass Edging/Seaming Machine

CNC Horizontal Automatic Glass Seaming Machine suitable for high-speed processing for hollow glass architectural glass, doors and windows glass, white glass and low-E glass. The machine use rubber rob wheel to press glass, transmission of fixed glass, processing and milling to avoid glass scratches and can effectively deal with Low-E glass in addition to film, edging processing problems.

The machine adopts automatic interface operation, PLC control, intelligent fast response servo system, intelligent computer controls high speed, precision transmission glass transmission system; high speed grinding processing structure, shuttle angle processing speed of 40 m/min, automatic identification of glass size. Accurate positioning, different specifications of the glass can be continuous on the film, without manual adjustment of the whole positioning, the entire process by the rubber stick pressure roller wheel position accurate, the product diagonal size is accurate, the control system has my diagnostic function, can master a variety of job information.

Technical Performance

  • 1. Suitable for: various rectangular glass
  • 2. Maximum size of processed glass : 3000MM×6000MM
  • 3. Processing thickness:3 – 12mm
  • 4. Minimum size of processed glass: 300*650mm 
  • 5. Production speed (for arrsing ):  1m * 1m glass is 10 to 15 seconds for arrsing   (automatic continuous production), 300 to 360 pieces of glass per hour.
  • 6. Yield: >=99.7%


Main technical parameters:

  • 1. Overall dimension of equipment: 13000mm(L)*4850mm(W)*2200mm(H)
  • 2. Power supply form: three-phase 380V 50Hz,
  • 3. Total installed power: 18KW (including 7 servo motors and matching transmission system)
  • 4. Compressed air pressure of actuator:>6kg/cm2
  • 5. Compressed air consumption of actuator:<2L/min


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