Glass Edging Machine, CNC Glass Edge Grinding Machine

Glass Straight Line Edging Machine
Glass Straight Line Edging Machine

Glass Straight Line Edging Machine

LJGSL-9243 glass straight line edging machine is designed for grinding straight edges or 45 angles and flat glass of different sizes and thickness. Crude grinding, refine grinding, polishing, and angle making can be completed in one procession.

1. Grinding speed:0.5~5m/min
2. thickness:3~19mm
3. Minimum size of glass:100 x 100mm
4. Maximum size of glass: 2440 x3660mm
5. total power:19kw
6. weight:2700kg
7. occupation area:6500 x 1500 x 2200mm (L x W x H)

Glass edging

What is glass edging

Glass edging is a very important process in glass deep processing. Glass edge grinding refers to grinding the edge of glass to avoid defects such as sharp edges and burrs on the edge of the glass and make it smooth and even. Glass edge grinding needs to be completed with the assistance of a professional edge grinding machine.

Common methods of edge grinding

  • 1. Straight edge grinding
    Straight edging is the most common edging method. It can make the edge of the glass smooth and even, avoiding the risk of skin puncture.
  • 2. Chamfering and edging
    Chamfering and edging is to polish the edges of the glass to make it smooth, which is suitable for glass doors, tabletops and other scenes.
  • 3. Arc edge grinding
    Arc edging is a processing method to add natural beauty to glass products. It is mainly suitable for glass furniture, glass artwork and other scenes.

Attention to details when grinding glass edges

  • 1. Attention to the temperature when grinding
    When the edger is running, it will generate a lot of heat, which will affect the glass and cause thermal cracking. Therefore, when grinding, pay attention to changing the water in the cutting machine in time to prevent the glass from breaking due to excessive temperature.
  • 2. Attention to the speed when grinding
    The speed of the edge grinder is very important. If the speed is too fast, the grinding head will vibrate irregularly, which will affect the edge grinding effect.
  • 3. Attention to glass of different thicknesses when grinding
    Different thicknesses of glass require different grinding times and depths. If not mastered correctly, it will cause problems such as spots and bumps on the glass.


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