CNC Glass Cutting Machine, Automatic Glass Cutting Table

Automatic Glass Cutting Table With Integrated Loading Arm
Automatic Glass Cutting Table With Integrated Loading Arm

Glass Cutting Machine, Glass Cutting Table, CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

The CNC automatic glass cutting machine is mainly used in the processing of flat glass, which can quickly and accurately load sheets, cut straight-line,special-shaped glass and air-floated mechanical breaking sheets.

Multi-functional Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

Equipment Introduction
①Small footprint ,safe and simple operation , high speed and high precision;
②Applicable : construction glass , mirror , furniture, decoration, coated glass and the other types of glass;
③Automatic Loading, typesetting ,cutting , breaking , and integrated functions;
④With automatic detection device , abnormal automatic alarm display.

Equipment overview

1. Motion controller

  • 1) Fast movement speed, smooth action, high control accuracy, and modular controller.
  • 2) The human-machine interface is simple and elegant, and parameter adjustment is simple.
  • 3) Photoelectric positioning cutting mode, direct cutting mode, oil-free cutting mode, automatic/empty line mode switching can be realized at any time during processing.
  • 4) Library nesting programming, select the special shape from the library, set the relevant parameters, and the processing quantity can be directly nested and cut.
  • 5) Complete glass pressure library storage, input and save the cutting pressure of various thicknesses at one time, and can directly call it next time.
  • 6) Real-time tracking and display of processing paths, timely recording of motion coordinates, axis status, I/O status, automatic recording of fault diagnosis and alarms.
  • 7) It supports a variety of processing file types, accepts standard G codes of nesting software such as Optima and Guiyou, and DXF format files of AUTOCAD. The graphics editing software that comes with the system can adjust the direction of the tool path and delete line segments.
  • 8) Various protections: including soft limit, cutting limit, and external emergency stop.

2. Optimize the software

  • 1) Optimization results done in the office can be imported. Optimizing in the office in advance can save time and improve efficiency.
  • 2) Cutting order can be manually edited
  • 3) A variety of original films and small films can be optimized at the same time
  • 4) Optimized typesetting, no size restrictions, optimization results, rotation mirror management and other practical functions
  • 5) Priority management for cutting small piece optimization
  • 6) Priority management of original film optimization
  • 7) Original film inventory management
  • 8) Multiple efficient optimization algorithms
  • 9) Cutting graphics can be edited
  • 10) Label design and label printing
  • 11) Optimization result reports are printed clearly
  • 12) Excel data file import
  • 13) A special shape library containing more than 350 parametric graphics, including all commonly used graphics
  • 14) Software operation with multiple language options

3.Technical Characteristics

  • ①Flip mode and suction mode : the tilt angle is totally adjustable with mechanics mode . Chaoyang ensures equipment stability , highspeed, long term operation .The equipment is appropriate for 3-15mm thickness of glass . The system ensures 600mm depth of suction cups in the glass.
  • ②Induction device : all the induction devices are equipped with two sets of sensors to ensure safe ,stable and reliable operation of the equipment.
  • ③Adsorption and transmission device:after vacuum   suction cup adsorption,gear transmission.
  • ④Alarm Device:with automatic detection device , can automatically alarm and display the abnormal situation. With emergency stop switch , it can be controlled in case of abnormality.


Maximum Glass Size


Thickness of Glass


Linear Precision(mm/m)

Glass Cutting Speed(m/min)

Equipment Power(KW)




















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