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Glass Processing Machines, Cutting, Insulating, Washing, etc.

EastGlaz East Glass Machine, Leading Glass Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China, 20 Year Experience, Professional RD Team, Reliable Quality, Most Competitive Price, Fast Delivery, Custom Service.

Including insulating glass machine, automatic glass cutting machine, vertical glass washing machine, glass laminating machine, glass tempering furnace, glass edging machine, glass seaming machine.

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EastGlaz:One-Stop Solution Partner For Glass Processing

EastGlaz (LIJIANG GLASS) as a group company is engaged in the design, scientific research, development, production, and sales in china. The company has become a well-known enterprise in the domestic glass deep-processing field and a leader of #Insulating Glass Machine, Insulated Glass Production Line; #Automatic Glass Cutting Machine, CNC Glass Cutting Line; #Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine; #Laminated Glass Production Line; #Flat Glass Tempering Furnace, Tempered Glass Production Line; #Glass Straight Edge Grinding Machine and Accessories for glass processing project production base over 20+ years of development and accumulation…

Insulating glass processing machine manufacture the highest performing insulating glass units such double glass, triple glass and structural glass façade units. Automatic Insulating glass production line has 7 sections: Transfer section; Glass washing and drying section; Discharge section; Inspection and installation section; Transfer section; Pressing and filling section; EastGlaz Quality begins with the range of reliable suppliers and is reached by a high rate of in-house manufacturing with production standards, motivated and qualified staff members, as well as many years of experience in the glass industry. We offers comprehensive insulated glass equipment products through exclusive product partnerships, including bending machines, desiccant filling machines, butyl extruder machines and more.

The fully automatic insulating glass equipment production line can produce two-glass-three-glass insulating glass, ultra-long glass, and ultra-long glass can be used for secondary plate pressing. The whole machine has automatic mode and manual mode optional. According to the traveling direction of the glass, the forward and reverse direction equipment can be customized: the facing equipment can be produced from right to left, and the reverse production from left to right can also be customized. Customized according to operating habits or personal requirements.

Automatic Glass Cutting Machine, CNC Glass Cutting Line

CNC Glass Cutting Machine, Automatic Glass Cutting Line

CNC automatic glass cutting line is composed of automatic loading table, automatic cutting table and air-floated breaking table.

The automatic glass cutting line is mainly used in the processing of flat glass, which can quickly and accurately load sheets, cut straight-line, special-shaped glass and air-floated mechanical breaking sheets.

CNC automatic glass cutting line adopts computer control, which has high automation and convenient maintenance, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor costs.

How it works?

The automatic glass cutting line work flow is as follows: Loading table uses mechanical turnover, through the vacuum suction cup taking glass sheet from the rack, put down to the loading table. The glass is conveyed to the cutting table through the roller on the loading table and the conveyor belt on the cutting table.The cutter holder on the cutting beam of the cutting machine drives the cutter to move at high speed in X direction and Y direction by servo motor. Using Z-axis motor rotation to control the tangent trajectory of tool. At the same time, the cutter pressure and the depth of the cutter are controlled by analog quantity, and the four axes are operated simultaneously to cut. When the cutting is finished, the glass sheet is sent to the air-floated breaking table for breaking through the air cushion formed by the conveyor belt and the breaking table.

Loading Table of Glass Cutting Machine
Loading Table of Glass Cutting Machine
Cutting Table of Glass Cutting Line
Cutting Table of Glass Cutting Line
Air-floated breaking table
Air-floated breaking table

Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine

Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine, Glass Washing and Combining Line

Automatic vertical glass washing machine has separate washing and drying cabinets designed for washing and drying in insulated glass production and washing the glass for glass processing. 

The automatic vertical glass washing machine is a special equipment for cleaning and drying the glass surface before the deep processing processes such as mirror making, vacuum coating, tempering, hot bending, and insulating glass assembling. The glass washing machine is mainly composed of a transmission system, scrubbing, water rinsing, pure water rinsing, cold and hot air drying, and electric control system. According to the needs of users, the medium and large glass washing machine is also equipped with a manual (pneumatic) glass turning trolley and inspection light source, and other systems.

The automatic vertical(horizontal) glass cleaning machine can clean glass with a minimum thickness of 25 mm, and the minimum cleaning thickness is 1.1 mm, which is suitable for lens glass, mosaic glass, etc.; the maximum glass cleaning range is 2500 mm, and the thickness can be adjusted to 30 mm, which is suitable for large tempered glass, which is thicker furniture glass and so

Laminated Glass Production Line

Tempering and Laminated Glass Production Line

Laminated Glass Production Line with sophisticated machines and sophisticated lamination technology, consists of semi-automatic loading table, glass washing and drying machine, film positioning conveyor, walking suction cup hanger, electric pvb film rack, transition conveying table, pre-pressing preheating machine, infrared autoclave, gas storage tank , air compressor (including refrigerated dryer, three-stage filter) and other components. East Glass Machine Laminated Glass Production Line has reasonable layout and low power consumption, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Easy to operate and maintain, this machinery series offers a cost-effective investment in laminated glass automation. PLC+touch screen is used to automatically control the operation. The whole line is about 45 meters long.

Laminated Glass Production Line is clearly aimed at industrial applications and has a correspondingly modular design. This applies to both the maximum glass sizes and the available options. Laminated Glass Production Line is designed for all glass processors who specialise in high-quality processing in interior areas, as well as for roofing, railings and multi-layered laminates. Laminated Glass Production Line is also superbly well suited for facade units.

  • Fully automated laminated glass production
  • Low-E laminated glass productio
  • High quality laminated glass production for bulletproof glass and safety glass

Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

Flat Glass Tempering Furnace, Tempered Glass production Line

Glass tempering furnace uses the technical treatment of heating flat glass and then quenching it to form compressive stress on the surface of the cooled glass and tensile stress inside the glass, thereby improving the strength of the glass and turning ordinary annealed glass into tempered glass.

Glass tempering furnaces usually produce flat glass or bent glass for architectural glass, home applicacian glass, furniture glass, decoration glass, etc.

Glass Edging Machine

Automatic Glass Roller Seaming Machine

Automatic Glass Roller Seaming Machine suitable for high-speed processing for hollow glass architectural glass, doors and windows glass, white glass and low-E glass. The machine use rubber rob wheel to press glass, transmission of fixed glass, processing and milling to avoid glass scratches and can effectively deal with Low-E glass in addition to film, edging processing problems.

Glass Straight Line Edging Machine

Glass straight edging machine is specialized machine for processing the straight edge of flat glass with rising, coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing have been done in one processing travel. Glass Straight Line Edger is suitable for grinding straight-line edges and hemline of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses

Why should you choose EastGlaz?

1. Deeply Involved In the Glass Industry

EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass) is deeply involved in the development and innovation of the glass deep processing industry. It has been engaged in the development, production, and sales of automated IG processing equipment for nearly 25 years…

2. One-stop Complete Solution

From plant planning and display to worker operation training, EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass) provides a complete one-stop glass deep processing industry solution, and solve the problem of the entire life cycle of insulating glass production and processing.

3. Providing Value to Customers

EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass) has always adhered to the corporate values of 'providing value to customers', the development concept of win-win cooperation with customers, and the work spirit of constantly innovating…

4. Independent Technical Team

EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass) has an independent technical R&D team, which can undertake the R&D and production of customers' non-standard customized equipment, and provide professional technical guidance and after-sales service…

EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass): East Glass Machine

The new factory in Jinan LIJIANG Glass covers an area of 20,000 square meters and currently employs more than 100 workshop assembly workers and technicians. The company's product management and sales system adopt Chinese advanced ERP and CRM management software to establish an efficient, accurate, united, and orderly technicians team


East Glass Machine:
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