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Molecular Sieve For Insulating Glass Using

Molecular Sieve is mainly used for water absorption, between the Insulating Glass and continuous absorbing the moisture entering the spacer-layer in the service life of IG ,to avoid fogging ,so as to keep IG cleanand transparent, sound insulation and heat insulation, to reduce the energy consumption and increase the service life of Insulating Glass..

Butyl Sealant for Insulating Glass

The first sealing for insulating glass (inner seal) is mainly used in insulating glass production and other usages..

Butyl spacer

Chnspacer is a new product,it Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of traditional products to optimize and improved products according to market demands.the surface is made of 3003 alloy aluminum strip, Internal use of polymer PVC material,3A molecular sieves, butyl silicone sealant..

TWO-Component Silicone Insulating Glass Sealant

Silicone insulating glass sealant is a two-component, neutral curing high-performance silicone sealant for insulating glass sealing, which is used to make insulating glass sealing..

TWO-Component Polysulfide Sealant For Insulating Glass

Two-component room cured polysulfide sealant, specifically designed for the manufacturing of insulating glass units used for window and door as well as for edge frame curtain wall system..

Aluminum spacer

Aluminum spacer Smooth Welding Line and Stable Welding State.

Accessories for Spacer

Accessories for Spacer Used at right angle connection between ordinary aluminum strips.

Glass Protection Cork Pads

Glass Protection Cork Pads is mainly used for shock-proof packaging in the glass deep-processing industry, and is widely used in architectural glass, automotive glass, furniture glass, stone, doors and windows, etc..

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