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Specializes in the research, development and production of automatic insulating glass machine for DGUs or IGUs or Double Glazing or Insulated Glassing Producting.

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EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass): East Glass Machine

The One-stop Solution Professional Supplier for Glass Deep-Processing Machine.
Insulating Glass Machine

Insulating Glass Machine

To make glass processing more simple intelligent and efficient.

Glass Cutting Machine

Glass Cutting Machine

We can offer the perfect cutting solution to suit your needs..

Glass Washing Machine

Glass Washing Machine

Glass washing machine is used for flat glass..

Laminated Glass Production Line

Laminated Glass Production Line

We can offer solutions for several different glass laminating need..

Glass Sucker and Lifter

Glass Sucker and Lifter

Glass Sucker and Lifter can Used for Transfer Glass And Loading Or Downloading Glass.

Accessories for Glass Processing

Accessories for Glass Processing

Glass Processing Equipments, Accessories for Glass Processing.

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Deeply Involved In the Glass Industry

EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass) is deeply involved in the development and innovation of the glass deep processing industry. It has been engaged in the development, production, and sales of automated IG processing equipment for nearly 25 years...

One-stop Complete Solution

From plant planning and display to worker operation training, EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass) provides a complete one-stop glass deep processing industry solution, and solve the problem of the entire life cycle of insulating glass production and processing.

Providing Value to Customers

EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass) has always adhered to the corporate values of 'providing value to customers', the development concept of win-win cooperation with customers, and the work spirit of constantly innovating...

Independent Technical Team

EastGlaz (LIJIANG Glass) has an independent technical R&D team, which can undertake the R&D and production of customers' non-standard customized equipment, and provide professional technical guidance and after-sales service...


The Enterprise Vision of EastGlaz:

Enterprises pursue precision, professionalism, and excellence.
To make glass processing more simple and intelligent..

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Manual Processing VS Fully Automatic Processing

If you are worried about how much money should be invested to start a owner glass deep-processing factory, LIJIANG Glass will recommend you a suitable cold-start solution, which requires only a few employees, a smaller factory area, and a lower budget, you could open a small-scale glass deep-processing factory!
If you are pursuing the highest efficiency and maximum benefit, LIJIANG Glass will recommend you a suitable fully automatic insulating glass deep-processing solution, without any manual operation, fully automatic equipment production, and realize the processing visualization and numerical control of the glass deep-processing factory!


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